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Drone and Cull


Pigs are running madly through our community killing women and children. The truth in America is America is a sick society. America's full of motherfuckers who have shit on the people. No, I'm not afraid to die. A politician is nothin' but a debater. All that you do is debate issues you fat pig. You meathead. That's all that you are, cuz you are a lyin' sucka. You're lyin' to the camera. You're lyin' to your momma. You're lying to everybody. Every time you open your mouth all I hear is oink oink oink, cuz you're a pig.
To you I say free your communities. Arm yourselves. Pigs comprehend nothing but force. Then use it to liberate yourself. Off the pigs. Kill the chief pig. Liquidate the mayor, the governor, etc. America is as psychotic as it is powerful, and violence is the only thing that commands your goddamned attention. You don't wanna hear shit that might mean you gotta give up something. You don't want it. Our government, born in violence.
Santa Clause is coming with bags of bombs and guns. Santa Clause is coming the revolution has come. Grab a handful, dip in quick. Grant a slogan, make it stick. Right on baby. Get yours and fight like crazy. We can win. Blow up buildings. Watch'em fall for hours we spent standing in the hall.
Celibate ass-lickers riding cars made of gold taken from the poor they've gathered to their fold. Father pig heads a flock of sheep. Father makes makes ready for the slaughter. Celibate snatchmen know rhythm is the way. Poor ladies get the babies but father dick has the say.
The only thing that I can thin of doing is to use my body or well-being or freedom or life to back up what I say. At another time the honourable thing or the right thing to do might be a policeman or to be the president. Right now I think the only honourable thing to do is to be a criminal. A criminal. You can't take me down.


12โ€ /111 on blue-ish/green 180g vinyl. Includes lyric insert and sticker. Buy from Zegema Beach Records:

U.S.A. store = www.zbrusa.com/products/droneandcull

Canada/International = www.zegemabeachrecords.com/zegema-beach-releases/droneandcull


released April 26, 2022

Apostles Of Eris side recorded by Jesse and Dave, mixed and mastered by Pete Grossman.


all rights reserved



Zegema Beach Records Ladysmith, British Columbia

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